Timeline and FAQ's

  • What is the project duration?

    The project duration for this expanded work is from September 2020 to December 2020 with a final Council presentation in December.
  • Can anyone participate in this project?

    Yes, this is a community-input driven process and the outcome and future recommendations will be driven by the needs and vision articulated by the community members.
  • How do I participate in the process?

    Through the Participate section on this website – you can provide open ended suggestions, respond to the online survey, know the dates for future virtual public meetings and even share feedback through social media on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Who is responsible for this master plan?

    The Town of Indian Trail, NC

    PROS Consulting, INC., a nationally recognized firm, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN to assist with the Master Plan. The primary contact is Neelay Bhatt, Vice-President and Principal and supported by Brayton McClure, Senior Project Manager.
  • Where can I find information for the project?

    Project information including key meeting dates, completed technical reports, and final documents will be made available to the community through the project website